Ollerich Brothers Herefords

Herd Bulls

SR Expedition 619G ET

Expedition is the best bull to come along, in our program, in a long, long time. He does it all! Calving ease, great weaning and yearling weights, good udders and great carcass traits. He has been used by some of the breeders in the country, the reports we are getting are just what we expected, everybody loves them! We lost him last summer, so his offspring will be limited in the future. Get in on the ground floor of a great breeding bull.

ECR TSR OBH Standing Ovation
Standing Ovation continues to prove his value around here. His daughters are turning out to be outstanding cows. 843J, 835J and 850J mothers are all daughters of Standing Ovation. We only have one son, in his year’s offering, but next year we will have a lot more.

Gerber Leland 069L
“GERBER” is the best all around bull we have ever owned. He was our pick from the Gerber Hereford’s dispersion. His daughters are the cornerstone of our cowherd. Most of our cowherd is his daughter or grand daughters. They have perfect udders with great dispositions. They pass on their length of body, small birth weights, and great carcass traits.
We have a good bank of his semen and will start using him again in the next few years.

SHF Kiosk K348 ET

SHF Daybreak Y02 D287 ET
Daybreak’s offspring are getting more impressive every year. His daughters are really good mother cows with great udders and good dispositions. They are a real asset to our herd. We have some really good sons in the offering this year. They are out of our very best cows. They are all Homo Polled. Be sure to take a close look at them.

OBH Wrangler 3137D

Homozygous Polled. Garbonzo is a product of our own program. He’s a son of the Old Gerber bull, that did such a great job for us 10 to 20 years ago. His sons are long, thick and have a lot of natural muscle. His daughters are proving to be good brood cows. Be sure to take a look at his sons.